Reviews for "Conker's Bad Fur Day - Poo"


I remember that...never wanted to beat him, just wanted to listen to the song. This makes me think of him as a robotic fece. Kinda weird, and like other people said, it's a tad hard to understand, but luckily I have that song branded into the left side of my brain stem.

Jhalkompwdr responds:

It's a good song to know.
Great for wierding people out.
I you don't realise the context and someone starts singing "I am the great mighty poo" it understandably could be a little odd.


hey ask your aunt to get aother duck and i'll TOTALLY buy it from you for like 20 bucks

Jhalkompwdr responds:

I'll speak th her.

i liked it

it was good

Jhalkompwdr responds:


I liked it, quite a bit too.

Well, I never heard to uncencored version of the Poo song before. Anyway, the galactic feel of the music was great and the robotic monontone sounding voices were also great, but it sounded a wee bit muffled. I enjoyed listening to this. Keep up the good work.

Loving it

Im loving that song man. Great job. The words could have been a little more audible though.

Jhalkompwdr responds:


Yeah, you're right.