Reviews for "Ninja Warrior"

i can't pass the rhythm bars

good game i made all 4 stages and Total Victory

This is my second favorite of the Ninja Warrior Unreal Canine games, my favorite is 3. I hope you are making a fifth :)

is stage 1 is pyramid jump is curtain cling is transfer is Samson's ladder is jump hang is circle slider is warped wall is drop down is tarzan rope you win on stage 2 is downhill slide is draw bridge is double salmon ladder is stick slider is high crossing is metal spin is wall lift you win stage 2 you on stage 3 is erratic bridge is rope junction is rhythm bars is cliffhanger is chain reaction is jumping bars is leap of faith is pipe slider you win stage 3 you on stage 4 is spider climb on g-rope you win stage 4

Finally at last. I finally beat stage 3 in 7.1 stamina left