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Reviews for "Ninja Warrior"

I can see a good game under this!

Two things that would vastly improve this game very quickly (At least for me). The first would be to add a menu to replay so we can get right back on the saddle. The second would be to allow the player to control the menu with the keys. A small thing I know but I would like it.
I love the idea!!!

good game but......

the controls need work I like the idea but you need to work out the bugs,3/5

not quite there

I love ninja warrior, I've seen almost all episodes so I was expecting this to be a good game. Unfortunately it wasn't that good and I'll tell you why. It seems that instead of putting the player in the shoes of one of the all-star competitors, you put us in the shoes of a fat slow turd (the sumo guy was your inspiration?) :P.

The movement isn't so big of a problem at the beginning of stage 1, but once you get to the two pads that move on the water, you really start to hate this fat guy who you are playing. I tried to take some speed and jump but he jumped like 10 pixels forward :P. Couldn't get past that point.

The game should be difficult as so is the real course in Japan, but it shouldn't be difficult because I'm playing a fat slob. Give me Nagano to control and this game could be enjoyable.

nice game =)

very hard to play, and it may need better graphics, but this game is awesome! =D

so I'll give it a 9/10.

keep up the good work^^