Reviews for "Ninja Warrior"


Jump Hang is a little bit difficult.


This game is awesome. I think the game needed a little more time, (NOT TO BE MEAN), but its still great. I do not see why people hate it. Great Job Unrealcanine. You are awesome!!!!!!

good game

Nice game very hard all in all no problems only the lag with character.

UnrealCanine responds:

I've been working on a better engine

its good but hard

ever it so hard i got it

Not bad

I like the concept of the game but the control lag is a bit of an issue. Other then that I feel that your skills and style growing well from the last time I reviewed you in 08.
Try to fix the control lag as it seems to be the biggest sore spot for the game, But keep doing what your doing and one day you might be king of the portal.