Reviews for "Ninja Warrior"

Jump Hang Help

easy press left and right at the same time quickly and then space the on the g rop up and then down

FINAL STAGE HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jump hang is easy. jump on the platform, hold the pole and wing

Wow, I actually completed Ninja Warrior Difficulty on this thing. This game is fantastic by the way. Although the learning curve is slow, I did figure it out faster than GR and TR. The difficulty and ranking system add tons of replay value because you will want to do better and better than before until you have to hack to get a better score. The graphics are great, the music is something I catch myself listening to, and completing a level always gives a smile to your face. Only a few things though. Other than the slow learning curve, there isn't an option to reduce the resolution, and this can be a problem if your computer is old/slow. Other than that, I definitely recommend playing this. Well done, Unreal Canine.