Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

good job

cool music, but i only got 1 award

Best medals ever.

i enjoyed the game too, though perhaps making it that: only starts when we click the red dot would be great. The tutorial was kind of the useful stuff people would skip in a blink of their eyes... there should be a tutorial level.


this is an easy game once you get the hang, i like the graphics,
I noticed that
"Reaching section 5" medal is not Working
can you fix it

Oh my God what an aggravating experience.

Kudos to you for making a game and all in this genre, trying to freshen it up. Marvelous job, actually. Catchy, charming tunes to match the likewise visuals. Really can't say anything more, save for the incredibly annoying shifts that switch left/right or up/down. That got some taking used to. Use?

All in all, a hell of a tracer game, bro. But f$#%@#%$@#%@#%@^@ck it sure gets me aggravated.

pretty addicting game

dont matter how many times you crash you still want to get the job done. only things are it gets slightly boring as the levels progress, and the 'not bad' medal for reaching level 5 doesn't unlock.