Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

a very hard, but great game!

nicely done on this one ;)
its only a bit on the short side....
and the medal for reaching sector 5 isn't working.


games ok but level 6 leave the gates open for at least a minute u try and move to fast u smack and blow u go slow the stone gate hits u the controls are weird but beside that part the rest seemed ok

This games so frustrating!

I love it!

Only One Issue...

Do not make it tight like that man. Only on the further levels does it get to near impossible because it's too cramped now don't get me wrong anything TOO large would make it easy and we don't want that but we don't want straw sized passage ways either.

So yea...

It's just a old labyrinth game with weird control and better graphic?

Still, not bad.

And don't put the start too close from border. It can make us explode multiple time when we put the mouse over the red point from some angle...