Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"


cool ga,e!!had hours of fun


Overall, it's a good game, albeit frustrating as hell. You definitely nailed difficulty down right and created a game that, if anything, kept me playing out of sheer spite and stubbornness. Not a bad thing, by the way. The reverse controls gave it an aspect of cognitive challenge, as opposed to simply leaving it up to how steady your hand can be, which is nice.

I'm not sure how I feel about the control field, though. It seems unnecessary as I didn't look at it at all when playing. I kept my eye on the actual robot because that was where the obstacles were. It seems like the control field only took up space that could be used for a larger map. A larger map would allow you to put in more intricate obstacles, such as ones with enemies and more complicated puzzles. The ability to interact with certain objects on the field to get through the map, I think, would be a nice addition,.

One last thing is that I don't know if it was just me, but it seemed like the robot was exploding from getting near the wall instead of actually hitting it, which got interminably irritating as the game got harder. It felt like it kept exploding while I was still, albeit barely, in the clear.

Nice song choice.

+10 for having the Mhykol Mines intro song in.

Oh my God what an aggravating experience.

Kudos to you for making a game and all in this genre, trying to freshen it up. Marvelous job, actually. Catchy, charming tunes to match the likewise visuals. Really can't say anything more, save for the incredibly annoying shifts that switch left/right or up/down. That got some taking used to. Use?

All in all, a hell of a tracer game, bro. But f$#%@#%$@#%@#%@^@ck it sure gets me aggravated.


this is an easy game once you get the hang, i like the graphics,
I noticed that
"Reaching section 5" medal is not Working
can you fix it