Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

This game was decent.

The game was ok. The levels that were most annoying were when only 1 direction would be reversed, but not the other. Also frustrating is that I earned several of the medals but the game did not send them. I completed the game, and played for about 30 minutes but only recieved the medals for 10 minutes and for levels 10 and 15 (and checking the game out). All that hard work for nothing :-(

pretty addicting game

dont matter how many times you crash you still want to get the job done. only things are it gets slightly boring as the levels progress, and the 'not bad' medal for reaching level 5 doesn't unlock.

10 Stars!

10 Stars if you like these kind of games!

This game is not hard, its absured.

I dont wanna wrech my nerves playing this thing.

Sorry but

I already got bored after level 5.