Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

Great man

for a sec it felt like performing surgery (not like i really know how to do that)
but u get the idea. Goodd

Works perfectly!!!!

Out-of-this-world and funny to play!! Plus, it has medals!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Work!!!

Very Challenging without getting bored, cool music and graphics!!!
the most important thing that is always forgotten that I MUST GIVE you the congratulations, is abaout the Language!!! it's the first time that I see a game with the TWO most important kinds of portuguese. The portuguese from Brazil and from Portugal that, are different.
As a Brazilian Dude,i say: Thanks !!! Or as we say here, muito obrigado
Good Luck !!! Boa sorte


I enjoyed the game, couldn't see any flaws with it. Some of the levels were pretty challenging, but I finished with around 100 attempts. =P
The 'Not bad' medal doesn't seem to be working though, would be cool if that was fixed.

Not bad

fun little game got somewhat frustrating on 16 but other than that nothing to hard the only problem i had was the lvl 5 metal dose not seem to be working. keep it up.