Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

Good game, but hit detection needs work

I'd often start a level and my mouse is still on the border of the grey area but it registers on the red dot and my attempts would just shoot up like crazy if my mouse is anywhere near that (it'd cause the bot to keep hitting a wall). I'd recommend doing a "click to start" mechanism of some sort in order to avoid accidental wall-hits due to unintentional mouse movements into the grey area.

broken medals

They need fixing.
It's silly this game has been on the site for THIS long, and the section 5 medal is STILL BROKEN...

Even though you fixed the exploit.. the medal bug remains.
Music needs a mute button badly.

Fix your medal man.

There's nothing quite as frustrating as a dead medal.

Great game!

You get 8/10
Well 10 minus 1 because of the broken medal of winning level 5
And minus one because this game is still cheatable :P
Touch red button, scroll outside screen, right mouse click outside game, left mouse click inside the game of the location of the coal.
So still cheatable :3

Good challenge

It's wants you to be patient and stubborn which is good.
Also, for the 100th time as I see it, but the get to 5 level medal doesn't work.