Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

Great game

I've played a gmae or two a bit like this one but I love the spin you put on it by spliting the screen in two,

and the music seems to mesh with the game really well.

Great job


eae mano tudo bem?VocĂȘ fala portugues?Se falar eu posso dar comentario em seus outros jogos em portugues LOL mas se nao fala...
its a great game dud!!
it was just a little bit frustrating but once u got how to go,its easy!Here is a tip
-If you want to pass go slow.
great game dude.I hope it is approved!

~~PS:if u are reading this it means it was approved!!!! CHEERS!!!!~~

argene responds:

Ey Agradecimentos para jogar meu jogo! Did I say it right. hehehe.... Thanks for playing.


Very nice game. get on your nerves a bit :P graphics aint the best but they are ok.

argene responds:

Hey Thanks! Glad that you like the game. Sorry if it gets into your nerves. I'm trying to inject some twist into these type of games. =)