Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

The "right-click trick" doesn't work.......

......but the "layer Notepad over the playing field" trick does. :-)


you could have made it with the optional arrow kes movement
and also enemies of some sort

but other than that its all good

Good concept, few flaws

For the most part, this game works. It's a simple idea and it is easy to pick up and play, even without instructions, which I think is important in games. It's entertaining and challenging, although since I'm using a trackpad I imagine it's probably a little trickier for mouse users.

I do think that having the "remote control window" on the left is kind of, well, pointless. Your controller essentially controls two doohickeys instead of one, but you completely ignore the one on the left; you only look at the thing you're moving. Why not just eliminate the remote control panel and control the little robot directly? On the stages where the controls are wonky, you can just have a visual warning about controls being swapped or weird. Then you can have a much larger window and more involved stages. Imagine if you had a game where the controller controlled -another- controller, which controlled the character; that's essentially what you've got here, and I really think the game could be improved by eliminating that extra element.

Overall, not bad. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!

good job

cool music, but i only got 1 award

Minor bug

Didn't have the time to check out the whole game but have found a minor bug. On level 3 when I moved my mouse rapidly before finishing the level the bot moved past the rocks (or whatever we are destroying at the end of the level) and exploded without destroying the target. After a few tryouts on the first level I think the issue might be related to leaving the flash area. If you move your mouse quickly outside the flash area the bot can even totally disappear, and reappear depending on where your cursor re-enters the flash area. It can be used even the other way round: this way you can leave the flash area via the entry-hole. Fortunately you can't cheat this way, cause the bot explodes before hitting the target (probably there's a wall we don't see), but on the other hand that also prevents you from completing the level if you move your mouse a bit too far/quick.

Besides that a fun and challenging game.