Reviews for "Kaboom-BOT"

Wacom Pen Tablet

Really fun to play with my bamboo drawing pad!!


cool that you translated it to the languese that the brower is on

Best medals ever.

i enjoyed the game too, though perhaps making it that: only starts when we click the red dot would be great. The tutorial was kind of the useful stuff people would skip in a blink of their eyes... there should be a tutorial level.


If you decided to translate it to russian - test it or something
About game - nothing new. But good


Thanx for the game i love it that its in portuguese because thats my main language(FYI i know i can change it).Obrigado,adoro jogos assim como esse.Next time can you pls add different music in to the game so we can pick the one we like the best that would be cool(this is not translation for the portuguese).