Reviews for "Charlie Sheen - Winning"

Fun(ny) retro game

Really fun game and pretty humorous. Mind you, it's more adult humor, but funny nonetheless.
The retro style was alright and there was enough in the game to keep it fun and not too repetitive.
There are some bugs, however. The roadblock medal never showed up for me, and I (purposely) hit more than 10 in a single game (with healing, of course). Another bug was that, at 191.17 miles, so close to that second distance medal, I use a grenade and everything froze up. When it started working again, the game was stuck in a perpetual loop with spinning objects and no incrementing speed or anything. You should really check into that bug, because it'll most likely annoy a lot of people if it happens frequently.
Despite those two problems I had, it's a fun(ny) retro game and I enjoyed playing it.


Great job programming, Funny quotes,
I just couldn't submit my score...
Also, Have you seen the F@G Video also called along the lines of "Charlie Sheen Winning"

poxpower responds:

A bunch of people seem to be able to submit it just fine. Try again? Let me know if it still doesn't work.