Reviews for "Charlie Sheen - Winning"

Awesome game

Ahh! my screen is moving to the right!

Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA!

Simple game and fun to play. I don't know what the hell is wrong with these other reviewers giving this game negative criticism for the game being "unrealistic". Most video games are pretty unbelievable in their own sense. I mean am I supposed to think that Stars Wars, Pokemon and Halo are existent in real life? Uh, no. This and other games like Call of Duty are as close to the real deal as we'll get. You know why "real" games aren't made? Beacuse no one wants to play shit like "Cooking with Rachael Ray" and/or "Lets learn Trigonometry!". See, those would be "real" games, and just by the titles you would not want to EVER pick them up! Anyways, aside from these douchebag reviewers that don't know reality from fake, as well fun from boredom, I give this game a thumbs up and a nine. Easy controls and gameplay, original concept, the countless vehicular manslaughter of innocent people, endorsed illicit drug use, and to top it all off the picking up of hookers and Tiger mode, this game is truly a winner!

Old School Game Concept, Well Done

What's up with these shitty reviews, especially about the game being "unrealistic?"

It's a fuckin game, when are games realistic. Even simulation games are never realistic.

Anyway, game it self is great, concept is nothing new, but works for the subject and is employed beautifully. Graphics are wonderful, and I'm really surprised on how quickly this game was made, considering this whole Charlie Sheen interview happened very recently.

Now we just gotta wait for the APOCALYPSE: Japan 2011 game, but everyone might bash it for being "unrealistic."

Great game

I won so hardcore i lost... lol...

@Winxe: wow... youve never played ANY side scrolling fighters ever have you...


well we certainly cant have unrealistic "games" :U