Reviews for "Charlie Sheen - Winning"

Always with good quality from you

A fun game these types are always entertaining and fun CONGRATS ON AWARDS So its always to check out your stuff as these are always of good quality and such, and there was lots of medals so that made it more fun. and this was amusing based on the whole charlie sheen debackle so that was pretty amusing, the sprite work is amazing aswell. so anyways keep up the god work. I am here writing a few reviews on a rainy night, and i thought it was the perfect setting for this game, had all the right touches and you made this game fun, so i had a good time reviewing this on a cold and rainy night but a good game regardless.

You should make a save file so you can keep adding stuff you have collected and such but anyways its still fun.


fucking awesome

Although quite hilarious, I still liked Crazy Shuttle more.

The controls are responsive and its really funny, I love it XD

Very funny game!