Reviews for "Charlie Sheen - Winning"


Winning duh

So much win..

But just one point, the gae is really slow to begin.

Awesome Winning !

This flash is winning ! Really fun and addicting , I like all the power ups , sound effects , music and the gameplay . The control is smooth and the game is packed with action . Excellent game , great work !

Insanely Addicting!

This game is awesome! I played it for hours and in doing so, managed to get every medal in the game, (except for the speed medals, if someone could PM me telling me how to get a higher speed, I'd greatly appreciate it.) It was fun trying to go for the highscore, my record is 18,447,706 points, with 272.08 miles distance, and 6,565 kills! I think I did pretty good, (not as good as the guy below me, but I digress.

Overall this is a fun and ADDICTING game that truly is WINNING.

Every awesome

I got over 640 miles and charlie sheen still kicks major butt in my book ^_^