Reviews for "Revolution Shoe: Gaddafi"


This is nice, I love geography-based games. I just wish the gameplay was better

vest816 responds:


This is the first of the Revolution Shoe series of games, and we've got future installations planned for the future. Hopefully we can inject even more gameplay elements and tweak the existing ones to make it an even more fun experience.

But the most important thing we need to achieve that goal is input from others. What do they want in a game like this? What do they want more of? We need to know so we can give the people what they want.

Alright Concept...

But this is incredibly broken. I realized this during the first boss by spamming shoes, but by the time I amassed points through that method I spent them into accuracy (how this is supposed to be played I assume) which obsoleted the previous spam-method. I took this up to eleven in the second boss after losing, trying the spam method again after taking note of how the shoes fly up and how they have to land. You can actually be pretty accurate when you're supposedly not accurate if you aim away from his body - I can see how this wouldn't be tested.

My suggestion? Randomly select the method of how the shoe is thrown by either throwing it up (as it is now) and throwing it horizontally, additionally add a point penalty for missed shoes or something. I know that would have discouraged me.

To give you an idea of how superior this method is: I maxed out all my skills on Ben Ali after round 3.

Also, the ads are really annoying. If giving your time to the web requires financial compensation I can't say I want to view your work on an open flash portal.

vest816 responds:

Thanks for the input! Definitely a legitimate observation, I'll keep the accuracy thing in mind. Maybe not have it ding you points for missed shots, but add a bonus for your overall hit/miss ratio. Hmm, wouldn't be too hard to implement. Get 50% or more, get score 1.5x bonus. Get 75%, get a 2x bonus, etc...

As for the adverts, trust me, I'd love an Internet experience that was completely free and had no advertisements. But I did put over a week into this, so I've gotta make wage somehow. Got a car to gas up. Rent to pay. Mouth to feed. The way the advertisements are set up now, anyway, is to be as unobtrusive as possible. You don't have to sit through an ad to start playing the game, it streams one while the game is loading anyway. And the pop-up in the main menu doesn't even need to be closed, it will go away on its own if you just proceed forward.

Besides, I don't know how much you've explored this 'open Flash portal,' but almost EVERYBODY who is a professional Flash developer has an ad API in their game anyway. So I'm actually kind of perplexed as to where your grievances originate...

good fun, but poor gameplay

seems like the gameplay was a bit of a let down, am i playing this right?

vest816 responds:

Hmmm...not sure. If there are certain parts of the gameplay you didn't like, i.e. the pace, the balance, the actual game itself...I am more than open to criticism (and would really appreciate it so the next one is better).

What would be a double bonus that would win my sincere gratitude is if people had suggestions on how to build upon the existing game.

Thanks for the input!

but wheres my leader?

wheres dub'ya? we should make this game historically accurate at least

vest816 responds:


Lol, thanks for the input. George W. Bush definitely has the merit of actually having shoes being thrown at him while giving a speech, and he will definitely be playing a part in the Revolution Shoe: USA version.

This game sucks, you should play this game instead: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/564430/