Reviews for "Revolution Shoe: Gaddafi"

Nice game

Now you can make a U.S. version, where we funnel money in to support dictators, then turn around and chastise them for bullying their own people. Or, where we gauge whether or not we'll stand up for people's rights based on how big the country picking on them is. EG: China mows down Tibetans, we don't do anything. Ghaddafi bombs his own people, we threaten to call a NATO air strike. There's a double-standard.

It's good to see more of this stuff getting made fun of, because if I didn't laugh I'd cry.

vest816 responds:

Lol thanks!

It's a real tragedy what's happening in Libya, I am not going to tapdance around that fact. I'm quite a politically minded sort of person, and have been following the issue very closely. It's both captivating and distressing what we're seeing Gadaffi do to his people.

But as you say, if we couldn't laugh, we'd cry. This game isn't a scathing criticism of Gaddafi himself, nor is it a politically-driven message of emotional hyperbole. It's a service given to the people of the world opposed to him, and to all the demonstrators standing up to their leaders (hence Ahmadinejad and Ben Ali's inclusion) to let them fulfill their fantasy of throwing a shoe at the guy.

I appreciate your input, the kind words, and the score. Thank you.


You focused on a really interesting theme... Congratulations... now... think you can do one about the... Arizona Law... I mean... for us (yeah... I'm Mexican) and for Latin America... it's an incredible offense... I mean... ARREST SOMEONE JUST BY LOOKING LIKE A LATINO??? WTF!!! can you make my dream come true and SMACK THAT F***ING GRANDMA???

vest816 responds:

Ooooh, you know, we had meetings going down dozens of possible candidates for any possible sequels, and Arizona is in the 'do not touch' pile at the moment because of the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. We think it's best to have games involving any sort of targeting and projectile weaponry, even as harmless and cartoony as high heels, not associated with Arizona at the moment. Seeing people freak out over Palin having the crosshairs on Arizona from a rally poster from a year ago? Yeah. Not our thing.

However, Palin herself is on the list. Mind you, not because of vendetta's or disrespect to her; her speeches would be a total riot to sample and implement into this game.

Brilliant game!

I'm not good at offering criticism, but I know what I like. Great concept, great graphics. I logged in just to write a review. I thought I had some complaints, but they were actually addressed as I kept playing. Lots of dictators in the world today. Hope to see a sequel.

love it!"

this was a new experience for me and 3 triumphs at once wow!

vest816 responds:

Wow, congratulations!

If people are getting triumphs so quickly, I...I...



i no penalty anger issue to dictators,i just wish i get the chance to attack all the well known dictators

vest816 responds:

We'll get more dictators added soon. Fierce, voracious, malevolent, iron-fisted scourges of humanity like...Sarah Palin. And Barney the Purple Dinosaur.