Reviews for "Revolution Shoe: Gaddafi"


Excellent and fun game, I loved all the animations and the effects of the upgrades lol. Once you get something maxed out... Its time for some ass kicking xD

vest816 responds:

Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated. :)

Give Gaddafi the Boot

Well, I think you would have gotten high marks if you had made a game that used an upgradeable sniper rifle to kill Gaddafi, so for fleshing out a game with the gimmick of sniping an African dictator with a shoe deserves some commendation, especially when you include some hard parameters for throwing, like strength, eyesight, and the weapon itself. Now, in the beginning, you will need some patience with this game, because it starts you off with a sandal and shitty accuracy. Don't click willy-knilly to fire at Gaddafi (or Ahmadinejad, or Ben Ali), instead, patiently aim at his head every time--because head shots are the only thing that will get you the points to beat the dictator. And when you upgrade, put a little more precedence to your strength and your shoe than your eyesight, because your strength will give you a more decisive shot than your eyesight will: try to earn enough to upgrade your shoe and strengh first, and from there, you'll be throwing the boot at Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad, and Ben Ali.

vest816 responds:

Fantastic insight and strategy. That's what I do, myself.

Oooh! I just came up with an idea of adding a new Triumph called 'Passion for Fashion.' It rewards you for upgrading your shoes before anything else.

An upgradable sniper rifle would be something a lot of people would want, but honestly, it wouldn't make for a very long game. Unless...Zombie Gaddafi!

Terminator Gaddafi!

Ooooh, hold onto your hats folks, I do silly things when I'm inspired!

are you libyan yourself?

because this is a great way to piss off the president

vest816 responds:


I am not Libyan, nor do I have any friends or family that are Libyan. But that doesn't stop the joy in irking president Gaddafi. <3

but wheres my leader?

wheres dub'ya? we should make this game historically accurate at least

vest816 responds:


Lol, thanks for the input. George W. Bush definitely has the merit of actually having shoes being thrown at him while giving a speech, and he will definitely be playing a part in the Revolution Shoe: USA version.


Now you can make a Bilderberg version :P

vest816 responds:

The hotel with all the yearly secret meetings between key political and business figureheads from Western countries to establish planned economies and one-world nations?


We're going to need a bigger boot.