Reviews for "Revolution Shoe: Gaddafi"

Alright Concept...

But this is incredibly broken. I realized this during the first boss by spamming shoes, but by the time I amassed points through that method I spent them into accuracy (how this is supposed to be played I assume) which obsoleted the previous spam-method. I took this up to eleven in the second boss after losing, trying the spam method again after taking note of how the shoes fly up and how they have to land. You can actually be pretty accurate when you're supposedly not accurate if you aim away from his body - I can see how this wouldn't be tested.

My suggestion? Randomly select the method of how the shoe is thrown by either throwing it up (as it is now) and throwing it horizontally, additionally add a point penalty for missed shoes or something. I know that would have discouraged me.

To give you an idea of how superior this method is: I maxed out all my skills on Ben Ali after round 3.

Also, the ads are really annoying. If giving your time to the web requires financial compensation I can't say I want to view your work on an open flash portal.

vest816 responds:

Thanks for the input! Definitely a legitimate observation, I'll keep the accuracy thing in mind. Maybe not have it ding you points for missed shots, but add a bonus for your overall hit/miss ratio. Hmm, wouldn't be too hard to implement. Get 50% or more, get score 1.5x bonus. Get 75%, get a 2x bonus, etc...

As for the adverts, trust me, I'd love an Internet experience that was completely free and had no advertisements. But I did put over a week into this, so I've gotta make wage somehow. Got a car to gas up. Rent to pay. Mouth to feed. The way the advertisements are set up now, anyway, is to be as unobtrusive as possible. You don't have to sit through an ad to start playing the game, it streams one while the game is loading anyway. And the pop-up in the main menu doesn't even need to be closed, it will go away on its own if you just proceed forward.

Besides, I don't know how much you've explored this 'open Flash portal,' but almost EVERYBODY who is a professional Flash developer has an ad API in their game anyway. So I'm actually kind of perplexed as to where your grievances originate...


Fastest 100% evar.

Cool game.

The funny part of it is that Ahmedenejad is actually the hardest- the "Hard" dictator was a fat, nearly-unmoving blob that toppled after I went absolutely nuts with the boot in the fifth round.

The learning curve of this game is actually pretty fast, which is nice, so I don't spend alot of time fretting over strategy or tricks. Like the guys before said- patience is key.

It lacks for substance, but it's a cute arcade-like flash game to burn some extra time on.

All in all, it's pretty fun as a side thing.

vest816 responds:


There's an updated version which is still in the approval process right now that tweaks some of the Triumphs to be, dare I say it, EVEN FASTER to get. Took out the 'Lose the Game' triumph (because the heck kind of a triumph is that) and the 'Fair Fighter' ones because, as we say in the techie circles, they were dumb as hell.

Substance is something we needed to reserve for a future date when the Gaddafi thing was still a hot-button issue.


This is nice, I love geography-based games. I just wish the gameplay was better

vest816 responds:


This is the first of the Revolution Shoe series of games, and we've got future installations planned for the future. Hopefully we can inject even more gameplay elements and tweak the existing ones to make it an even more fun experience.

But the most important thing we need to achieve that goal is input from others. What do they want in a game like this? What do they want more of? We need to know so we can give the people what they want.


Nothing personal between me and those guys, I just feel like I can pay a little bit "compassion" for their civilians lol.

vest816 responds:

Thank you very much!

Yep, the gave isn't so much a political message or a call to empathy as much as it is a chance to blow off some steam and vent some frustration.

Sweet game/idea

Nothing warms my heart like something inspired by revolution.
This game is seriously very well made. I love the parameters you can upgrade, and find the difficulty balance and gameplay to be very smooth. The art is nice, the voice overs are funny... overall fantastic work.

I would make 2 improvements.
1) Include a secret boss that is obama
2) more upgrades or a newgame+ mode where you can use previously purchased upgrades to just utterly destroy the leaders in the first few rounds.

vest816 responds:

You, sir, have two really excellent ideas there.

We'll be making a Revolution Shoe USA version, so Obama may be a playable character (though honestly, I'm more privy to doing Bush, seeing as he's already been a target of the shoe thing). But hey, having him be an unlockable super-hard character who yells 'change!' every time you hit him would be good, though I know ahead of time the Internet hivemind would see to it this game's score plummets if I do.

And a newgame+ mode, huh? I like it. :)