Reviews for "Revolution Shoe: Gaddafi"

good fun, but poor gameplay

seems like the gameplay was a bit of a let down, am i playing this right?

vest816 responds:

Hmmm...not sure. If there are certain parts of the gameplay you didn't like, i.e. the pace, the balance, the actual game itself...I am more than open to criticism (and would really appreciate it so the next one is better).

What would be a double bonus that would win my sincere gratitude is if people had suggestions on how to build upon the existing game.

Thanks for the input!


i no penalty anger issue to dictators,i just wish i get the chance to attack all the well known dictators

vest816 responds:

We'll get more dictators added soon. Fierce, voracious, malevolent, iron-fisted scourges of humanity like...Sarah Palin. And Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

love it!"

this was a new experience for me and 3 triumphs at once wow!

vest816 responds:

Wow, congratulations!

If people are getting triumphs so quickly, I...I...



Even though it loads so long, still I had lots of fun. It's very funny when you play it with your friends. :D

vest816 responds:

Thank God for high speed broadband Internet. But still, I'll admit, 6.1 mb is a bit steep. One of the reasons why is the heavy usage of red (.jpg's least favorite color) in the rasterized images. Therefore, I had to keep the optimization at high so there wasn't an offensive amount of dithering and artifacting.

There's also a lot of sound information for the voice-overs, and we turned up the mbps of the audio so the game sounds clearer and the shoe impacts have more oomph to them.

Thanks for the compliments and the pretty score! I appreciate it!

Brilliant game!

I'm not good at offering criticism, but I know what I like. Great concept, great graphics. I logged in just to write a review. I thought I had some complaints, but they were actually addressed as I kept playing. Lots of dictators in the world today. Hope to see a sequel.