Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Haven't started playing yet but...

I just have to say, you blew me away with just the character design. The characters in the intro alone are so unique looking, well done sir, I don't even care if the game sucks now haha (which I bet it doesn't though ;))

This game is AMAZING

so much fun, i've already played hours of it. very creative worlds and very addicting. Thanks for making this!

Well done and thank you for this game

The ONLY game on the front page of new-grounds that I can give a good review.

One of the best platformers I seen on NG.

This game is awsome. Great controls, nice amount of weapons, collectibles, and challenges. There's some Cons, but not bad enough to not give 10/10. XD

-Some speed challenges seems too difficult to do, specially Rattlers Ravine and I don't see how Deadridge Railway's is even possible.
-80 badges seems awsome at first, but way too many were "kill X many enemys with Y weapon". It's not bad if it was just ones like TnT barrels kills, the chickens, the squirt gun, pistol shoot pistol weilders, etc. But one for each weapon seems unneeded.
-A boss every few levels would be nice, though not needed.

I don't see any improvements you need to make for a sequel, besides the usual "more levels" thing. XD Maybe a way to recover health would be nice with health upgrades. Maybe even a tumbleweed/dog hybrid companion? :P

If you make any NG medals, might I suggest don't use all the "killing X many enemys with Y weapon" badges for them, just put a "Get all weapon kill badges." medal in their place.

Very nice! Has a lot of character, and I can tell you put a great deal of work into this game. Amazing game, well rounded, great music, lots of fun. Only thing this game needs is medals, but that's not a huge deal. Keep up the good work!