Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Phenomenal Game!

Seriously man great job, to the both of you! The game has an overwhelming amount of polish and great level of depth in game-play. One of the best 2D games I have ever played.

From all the little graphical touches in the interface, menus, and level design to the variety of weapons, fun game-play, replay value, and tight controls. The game has it all. It has a clever story, nice graphics, good music/sound, responsive controls, lots of puzzles, lots of action, high replay value, .... etc. I can go on and on.

I really like how free and open the game is. You can choose how you want to play. Explore or run-and-gun. Solve puzzles or complete specific missions. And I especially love how the game keeps track of your accomplishments and all the various things you have found/collected. For example, the gamer isn't forced to collect all the treasures in one go; you can collect and do whatever you want however you want. This really makes the game that much more enjoyable!

I'm a professional web developer and a hobbyist game designer. I have a lot of envy for the work you guys have done here. Really a rock solid job. I have also checked out your other works, and I am glad you have found your groove and are sticking with the system you have developed. A Flash game with this kind of quality should not be free. You have spent a great deal of time, and your efforts should be rewarded.

Kudos on an amazing Flash game!

- Sandor Fekete


Game fun 10/10 but like MisterWonderful said, often you press jump but McCoy is still running. Thats really annoing.

should load faster

i don't like waiting for things to happen and i would prefer it if there would be more to do on the screen you stay on instead of having to go to another frame.

but in all & all you did well on the programming >_>


Epicly addictive :D wel , that's all i can say ;)~!!!


best game EVAR!