Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Sexy stuff !

Everything a platform game should be. Possiblily the best one I ever played.

Visually perfect, lots of side quests, upgrades, weapon choice ... all covered in the previous reviews so I won't be repeating.

I definitely want to see more from Tony Solary and Matt Neff.


I Love This game,i can't stop playing it! I completed all the areas,i have to complete now the other things: medals & treasures.

Please Make a Cactus McCoy 2! :D

Very Good

Extra points for replayability.

Really, really good job

I have no complaints for this game. No glitches, no spelling errors, it has fun gameplay and unlocks, it hits all the bases and comes in for a homerun.

very well done

story aside, the whole variety of weapons is really very well done!