Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"


I have finally managed 100% and will miss this game terribly now it's over. Absolutely fantastic - simplistic artwork, lots of lovely additional challenges and a great plot. I hope there'll be a sequel in the future! My only one tiny criticism is that occasionally when you've killed an enemy and they drop their weapon, they do so in the middle of a wall. It's irritating, but doesn't really harm the game - just something to look at.


This is one of the best games I ever played on NewGrounds. Congratulations!


Coolsome (Cool + Aweasome)

The best game on Newgrounds

Everything a plattformer needs. Literally hours of gameplay. I came back several days to this game just to finish it, in every level I tried to do everything (and I did), and once I finished it...I want more! Please give us more!

Really, with bigger grapgics (not better, just bigger), this could be easily a portable console game. Probably the best game I've seen on Newgrounds.

Very expansive

There is tons to do and literally has hours of playtime, a little repetitive after a while but keeps me coming back for more.