Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Platforming at its best!

This game is indeed platforming at its best. Loads of content and lots of hours of gameplay, and nice graphics. I hope there's a sequel!

I like the graphics

Good 'ol arcade fun!


Its very fun game to play..
The controls are so simple.. btw, i love the backgrounds of it
Honestly, i love the way you put some song on that. Its really makes me like a Cowboy ya know

Very Nice

Very good game!

I liked playing this game a lot because it just had so much to offer! I could easily see something like this landing on a professional gaming system given how good the gameplay is. It gets a little repetitive, but great besides that. The best part was being able to collect all those weapons and beat up the enemies. I think most of them could be beaten simply by attacking them relentlessly. I think the lead pipe is the one that managed to do the most damage.

Having a cactus be the protagonist was a pretty original idea. It's a pretty surreal game in that way, especially with how weird the enemies look. Whatever the purpose is, it's a very fun game to play and has everything you need. The controls are fairly smooth and the game is kind to you as it goes on. There's so much detail put into the backgrounds, too.

Fanatistic, Fun!

Love the music! Certainly pulled some from the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! In a good way!