Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Nice, but a little repetitive gameplay

Maybe if you add more bosses, you can make the game coolest =D


There's alot to like about this game, but the real standout feature is the HUGE selection of weapons. Admittedly some are just stronger and weaker versions of the same thing, but more than you might expect are genuinely unique. The only thing I didn't like is that sometimes you are forced to wait gratuitously, e.g. when adding up your score. But that's forgivable when everything else is this fun.

realy good

i like the game becuse i like the game ok im not that tipe of 1337 guy

Haven't started playing yet but...

I just have to say, you blew me away with just the character design. The characters in the intro alone are so unique looking, well done sir, I don't even care if the game sucks now haha (which I bet it doesn't though ;))


nice game dude