Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

best entertainin adventure yet.

I really loved this game..everythings perfect the cartoony graphics..action..the theme..and the badges..nice job man..it also was a cool idea to have all these cool chalenges;)

Absolutely amazing.

Great visual style, awesome gameplay technique, and while I found the controls a little bit...emmm...backwards (more accustomed to ASDW than arrows) I got accustomed to them relatively quickly.

My favorite thing to do is juggle the bad guys across the landscape when they're flying through the air. It's fills my heart with wheeeeee!

awesomly fun!

ive played lvl 1 over and over cant find the 4th treasure. :( :( :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone, anyone tell me where the 4th treasure on lvl 1 is.

This game is AMAZING

so much fun, i've already played hours of it. very creative worlds and very addicting. Thanks for making this!

Really solid and polished

The game obviously had a ton of work put into it. Everything ran smoothly, everything worked great, and everything looked amazing. My problem is it wasn't exactly stimulating enough to be fun. There was no challenge, as all the enemies could be beaten by standing next to them and mashing the 'A' button. There was an amount of exploration you wanted the player to do, but you didn't give them a reason other than improving a score that could buy upgrades. With the game being as simple gameplay-wise as it was, buying upgrades was pointless, thus making secret treasures and the other many objectives pointless. My advice would be to cut down on all the extraneous things that have little effect on the gameplay and work more on making the core mechanics fun to play. There is little point in upgrading a system that isn't fun to begin with.