Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

The most badass cactus of all time!

Incredibly awesome game!
The gameplay is quite simple, the music is just sweet, and overall, the level designs and graphics are a charm. But what I just LOVE about this game, is the weapons.
...I mean, you get to beat the crap out of villains with a CACTUS! Don't tell me that no one ever wished to do that!


advanced gameplay, western music, and 8-bit graphics. they all come together to form a masterpiece known as THIS GAME^ also i'm naming my goldfish Cactus Mcoy.


Good Game

Ho Ho Fuck Yeah !

Gosh this game is sweet , its like a RPG do make a story to make this game more entertainin' more upgrades like helper would be good .

it is the best game i ve ever played

this games rock nad the western texas music is the music really wanted by every player in this game..............