Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Great game!

This game is awesome! Great music, storyline, graphics... everything rocks!
Keep up the good work!


This game must be in Daily 1ยบ Place! The only thing that I miss in this game: Medals for Ng!
Perfect and addictive game, a lot of places, really really hard, many weapons, upgrades, achievs...

Cool ^.^

Fun to play game when ur a bit bored, like now :P

and nice weapons too ^.^
love the ammo capacity of the guns too :3

keep making more games (:

Fantastic, But...

I love this game. It had the perfect amount of diffculty. The weapons were fun, and the added challenges really made the game amazing. One thing though: I finished the game, and McCoy didn't change back into a human. Was that supposed to happen?

Nice game!

I don't see why this couldn't have gotten daily 1st place! It's amazing. The multiple weapons are great, the storyline is boss, and the finished product is epic. I love it, this deserves much praise.