Reviews for "Chefmaster"

Loved it

Short, sweet, simple. And "inefficient walking" was a masterstroke. Well done, old bean.

I understand.

I understand what hes going through he never wanted to be a chef he wanted to be a Engineer but when his father made him be a chef zombies attacked an engineeral architect and so he went to save it due to his father being abusive and also a zombie he screamed his name oh all that and Food doesnt exist in that time line duh.

This is awesome!

The animation was so fluid! Great elements all mashed up together + very humouristic way of doing so.
I hope to see more of this insane randomness! Gosh, that replay button is getting destroyed because I'm clicking on it too much!
Amazing job, dude! Keep it up! =D

MADRE DE DIOS! this was fucking awesome. lol

OMG, this so made my day. lol. XD the music at the end was great when the end titles came up. lol. made it sound so epic. XD
total awesomeness. :D


Wow................That was random XD