Reviews for "Chefmaster"

I'm a little jealous actually

Chef Master has the kind of super powers I want, it's just not fair XP

I lol'ed for a while until the bos said shut up.

At first when I tried to figure out 'why' on this animation I suddenly realized something....

It's the internet. There IS NO 'why'.


I didn't enjoy this, so much so, this is my Second review of this, since my first two sentance review got deleted for wondering how this made the homepage... so ill rephrase my last review.
It was a good flash from the Animation and Art point of view. The Length and lack of any type of reasoning, or plot, made it worth wishing I hadn't seen it.

Before I gave this submission a score of 2/10, for the effort in making it; this time I'm sorry to say i have to give it a 1/10 for the Effort of coming back to write a second review.

You seem to be creative with your animations, I think you can do far better than this.

it has everything!

Action: "hand" gun ftw! drama: no! his father!!! tragedy: dam crossing guard!


it has everything an action movie needs :D