Reviews for "Chefmaster"

I didn't get it

Hey dude, I love the joke but it's kinda missed up. There's no storyline and the plot was confusing. Wouldn't it be more fun if there were monsters of food? Or, if he had super cooking powers and not a finger gun? I was hoping for something that could fit the characters background. I mean, he's a chef.

Well, Kuzko....

It makes as much sense as anything else on this site. Based purely on aesthetics, this was a pretty tight piece (though the zombies and great wall scene was kinda lazy :P). As far as comedy goes, I'm sure some people are busting their fucking guts laughing right now. Like Kuzco, I'm not one of them. However, I'll judge you on the work put in and give you a 7. And maybe a 4 if you're nice. And give me a cookie. Or better yet TWO cookies.

Awaiting your reply with a gallon of milk,


I expected something to have to do with cooking...
The concept was unclear, and the story was just plain awful

I know u probably did it for th lolz, but I didnt really laugh...
For the animation itself, I liked it

Concept 0/5
Story 0/5
Animation 5/5

Total 2.5/5

RageNineteen responds:

Fair enough man, I know that nonsensical storytelling isn't everyone's cup of tea. Thanks for the frank and honest review.