Reviews for "Chefmaster"


Nevermind the guy below me.
The only thing you could have improved was adding cocks and a gerbil.

Immature and Unfunny

Randomness does not always equal funny. In fact, it often doesn't. Even the lamest, weirdest sprite short of under ten seconds has to have a plot of some kind. For instance, the two Abobos from the NES version and the Arcade/GBA version of Double Dragon, meeting at long last. One says, "WHO THE **** ARE YOU!" and the other says, "Hello." just before getting kicked off the building. It's a strange encounter that horrifies one of them.

As for "Chefmaster", this is just a series of stupid things happening that don't amount to anything. Zombies attacking the Great Wall... now where did we pull that idea out of? Screaming "Father!" at the end did not make anymore sense than anything else in the cartoon. Worst of all, some amount of effort was placed into a cartoon that failed to make a better portion of the audience laugh.

This is the turning point where an animator either smartens up and starts to communicate with their projects rather than being merely clever, or ends up being criticized for being a repetitive hack. Those Ass-Duff movies were okay for their time, but at some point, you got to grow up.

I understand.

I understand what hes going through he never wanted to be a chef he wanted to be a Engineer but when his father made him be a chef zombies attacked an engineeral architect and so he went to save it due to his father being abusive and also a zombie he screamed his name oh all that and Food doesnt exist in that time line duh.

Loved it

Short, sweet, simple. And "inefficient walking" was a masterstroke. Well done, old bean.


Contrarily to what others have been saying, I totally get why the chef has nothing to do with cooking.....just because it having no relation to what you would expect the character to be doing is funny. Just because it's random. Of course, it's not a kind of humor that fits everyone's liking, although one would think people would be able to go beyond the simple idea of "he looks like a chef.....then why isn't he behaving like one?" or "the clip should be more food related because the hero's a chef". Obviously and unfortunately it isn't so. Anyways I laughed and I give you a 9/10, 5/5 because I get it.