Reviews for "Chefmaster"


Learn some Spanish. He said "madre de dios" wich means "mother of god"

That was.... odd

Seriously, what did I just see? I mean... it was good, and not horribly animated, but still. I am very confused. If that was the point, then I suppose this was bloody brilliant.

It's so simple people!

I don't get why some people are harping on nonsensical things in this animation. To the point, it's just random! You either love it or hate it, but whatever the choice, don't be saying crap like, "It's good effort, but don't waste your talents here; you can do better." Try watching some of his other flashes before going off and saying crud like that! (Points at Dany the Crab as one of said flashes)

Son of a bitch

thats what "madre de dijos" means


I wish my finger was that awesome!!!! -_________-