Reviews for "Chefmaster"

haha funny

uhh did he only kill one zombie? lol should have been CHEFMASTER was killed by the other zombies. nice animations tho :D

Well okay

Animation was quite good, so was the sound and voice-acting.
Yes, randomness can be fun, but it isn't funny when there's not the slighest part of stuff that makes sense.

He's a chef, but in his zombie-killing adventure, he did nothing that had anything to do with being a chef or cooking, just random handgun-killing. I expected him to have a giant sandwich-bazooka an cumcumber shurikens or whatever you can think of as food-weapons. But no, he started shooting with his fingers.

A 6/10 for the animation and sounds.


But will it blend..?

RageNineteen responds:

Congratulations. You've done so well.


epic finger xD


It's great. Love the randomness... Short. Too short