Reviews for "Chefmaster"

This is awesome!

The animation was so fluid! Great elements all mashed up together + very humouristic way of doing so.
I hope to see more of this insane randomness! Gosh, that replay button is getting destroyed because I'm clicking on it too much!
Amazing job, dude! Keep it up! =D


The drawing/animating was done very well, as was the sound quality. There were a couple of humorous parts (the ending credit thing for one), but overall I don't think this flash really had much oomph. It was really zany throwing together a chef, the great wall of china, and zombies, and there could have been some better humor in there, in my opinion - especially since the chef appears to have several magical abilities (completely unrelated to cooking, btw).

A bit more cohesiveness would be great. Right now it just seems like randomness in order to get a laugh, but I think it's a slightly off mark. Not entirely off, but not exactly on target either. Oh, and bonus points for having a chef be your protagonist - we're an oft unrepresented lot :D

RageNineteen responds:

You're very welcome. Don't worry, this flash was quite experimental. I really should have described that better in the...well the description...Anyway, my next few flashes will have a much greater emphasis on storyline. Thank you for your input, it really means a lot. :)

Nice animation, but where the FUCK IS THE STORY?

I love the crisp animation, but there needs to be a story otherwise it feels like wasted animation. D:

Good Work!

The animation is really smooth and the voice acting is done with very high quality. I couldn't help but notice a SexualLobster influence on this work. Overall good animation. Stay the course.

i want to be able to......

that'd be so cool.
but i liked this flash, it was random, but not so random to be like, ok when did this come into play? and why is there a cat in a box of jello? kinda random.
so again great job, hope to see more randomness