Reviews for "Run! Run! Alien invasion!"

Short but fun

Well, this a good mini-game. It's well balanced. I like the graphics and music and how it fits to the game



Pretty fun for a while

It's pretty fun, but I would've liked some variation amongst the enemies other than just different colors and sizes. At least 3 different designs would've been enough.
The game was still fun though. I liked the occasional cameo runners.
It's good for a mini game, but I really think some different enemy ships would make it less monotonous.

I won!! 148,500

That was fun. I kinda wish I had weapons or something alike to shoot things as I run or something that isn't just dodging and collecting. Great game tho!


A good game, not really long, won in one try, took all powerups...

This game could really use a survival mode...
Overall a good work