Reviews for "Run! Run! Alien invasion!"

Decent concept but...

I like the idea of this game but unless its a random generator of the pick-ups you need to fix the pickup generator because I collected every thing I saw and by the time I reached the second "dot" on the progression bar I was out of, im guessing endurace is what the water bar is. So its next to impossible to continue if ur not given more "water". Also you should incorerate some type of attack that either destroys the ships completely of at least deflects them. which i didnt need because i never once got hit which brings me back to the "water". I got more health than water and never needed health. I failed due to the game not giving me water. DO NOT take this review the wrong way, you have a very good idea just needs a little TLC and some adjusting. Fix the issues with pick-ups, add an attack, and some possible weapon pick-ups. Once again dont take this the wrong way its just my opinion.

episodeent responds:

Hi! "Water" items do not drop randomly. Maybe it was overlapped by an UFO, so you didn't notice it


A good game, not really long, won in one try, took all powerups...

This game could really use a survival mode...
Overall a good work

Not bad

Good controls, and good progression of how hard the game gets. well done.

Addicting Good and a bit funny

The title says it all.
A thing i really like of this game is the progress bar on the bottom left, making you know that there is a goal and that this game is not a survival endless game like Canabalt or R.U.A.

I laughed at the Ronald McDonald cameo.

The only bad thing is that there are only 4 powerups, i expected something more like a "smash all the ufo on the screen", those "revenge" things are really satisfying.

Pretty fun for a while

It's pretty fun, but I would've liked some variation amongst the enemies other than just different colors and sizes. At least 3 different designs would've been enough.
The game was still fun though. I liked the occasional cameo runners.
It's good for a mini game, but I really think some different enemy ships would make it less monotonous.