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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

nice work!!!! =D

I like the story , the grafics and the music suit the game... sub 5/5 ;D

God Damn it!

There is one level, which I can't figure out at all and it's not even shown in the walkthrough! But it's still a good game.


OMG! This game is awesome! Love the music, story and graphics. :)


Awesome game. Great idea, good, simple graphic, interesting, funny story and awesome music. Similar to Shift, easier, but still tricky. Tha invisible trousers are a bit of impediment, but you can get along with it.

Great piece of work

I have to say this was rather creative and made the game fun with the fact that the bottom part of your body is invisible and you can defy the laws of physics as well!!

The graphics were very simple yet nice at the same time as well to me. The way that you die causes a slight blood spot for a moment as you are recreated and enter the same room is nice too. Like how there is not a lot of dialogue which is good. It is even better that you can skip the dialogue without listening to those people too.

The audio choices were quite nice here. The songs were fitting and added a bit more drama to the story.

The gameplay was great but the only real thing that ever annoyed me in some levels was the inability to duck and dodge spikes. Also kind of sad but interesting how those trapezoid pieces prevent you from walking in a certain direction however you can fall through them.

Overall, an interesting game and story!!