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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

Fun game.

Not really all that difficult. Fun to run through. The "story" and actual gameplay really have nothing to do with each other; that and a want for more levels in the game is really all I find wrong. Good job and make some more games, please.

I don't get it

Why are people being so harsh on this? It has an original and whacky style, plus a 1940s look to it. Regarding the gameplay...It works perfectly. I don't see how anyone could hate it.


Good concept for a game love the character design, very different. There were glitches but overall a good effort :)

Fix the glitches!!!

There was a lot of levels where I became stuck in the walls because I jumped from a different spot. Most notably I found this to happen on level (or floor, whatever) 18. I stopped playing because of the frustration I kept gaining from advancing quite far just to have to restart. I would have given this game a 1 had it not been for this rather serious flaw. Instead, I'm taking my score deep South. 0 for you, until you resolve this issue.


I found a glitch that while jumping around corners a lot youll fly off the screen.