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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

could of been better

the game was a great idea, i loved playing it but the story was weak and was too simple. this game could of been great but it died half way

In progress

-When i saw the whole detective thing at the beggining i was like "whoah cool! clue finding!". Instead i got some very generic puzzle which didn't follow the plot at all.

- I found the DOWN KEY feature really interesting, but it wasn't really usefull to any lvl other than the one it get's introduced.

-There were also some minor glitches where you would stuck in a wall sometimes.

+You should make the levels more challenging, e.g. Lock the doors and throw around some keys that's you'll need to open them.

+Add some clues that's you'll need to obtain in order to solve the mystery

+Work around that DOWN KEY feature. It's pretty interesting.

All 'n all, it seems like this game is still in progress. It has very nice potential if you work on it a little more.

Hope this helped.


It was ME!

Yep. It was James. Only played it through once because the levels are pretty hard and I don't wanna do it again. It was a cool, sketchy kind of play though. Something new like Shift, and all black and white and stuff. Pretty awesome game.


This game is really easy and really boring. But bonus for having a cool story.

Good idea

At least the trousers are unique.