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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

more so brain then arrow skill

did u design this game to test peoples minds because this thing had me thinking like crazy


I really enjoyed this unique take on a platformer, A nice twist on what we've come to expect, and a great platform for some mind bending puzzles!


at the end it said "job done case close and time to get a pizza but one quston why do i have Invisible Trousers????" lolololoolooloololol pizza and Invisible Trousers lololololololololollolololol

a detective game so beautifully portrayed

the game isn't so much about detectives, its more of a puzzle. The music adds somewhat of a dangerous touch to its mysteric theme. fun and tricky, this is without a doubt the best puzzle game i have ever played.

helloearthling responds:

Wow, that's a compliment I could put on the box. Thanks!

Good Game.

If you wait at 1st room where the guy was first killed, Johnny will be say " actually I'm not quite dead." "Quiet! You're the plot!." LOL