Reviews for "Power Fox 4"

Insane action

I love your art style and how there is so much going on on the screen, that's just great to look at. But I found it to be a little hard to notice when you get hit. The only way I could see if I had lost energy was to look at the health bar. That was pretty annoying. I liked Powerfox's turban and all the other little details you put in. The bosses however were a bit similiar to eachother, compared to the other Powerfox installments.

Wiesi responds:

Hey, thank you for reviewing!! :)

Purely awesome!

Love the action! awesome graphics, loved it :)

Saurus rite!

beat it all like 15 een times kinda boring

Nice Game Wiesi !

But i prefer the game much longer than that ! Anyway good job ! ;D

It's kinda cool but

I think it's very similar to Dad's Game... even the frequent glitches that vex me.

It's kinda cool and all, apart from the glitches that nobody likes.