Reviews for "The Sagittarian 2"

BEST point and click ever since henry stickmen!WOOT WOOT!

I liked how it went, and it was fairly easy to get the achievements, but from all of the start overs I had to go through to get a bunch of achievements, I only have one word to say.......


This game makes me really like Sage. Sure, he's a nut, but he had a sense of honor, which I can respect. And Shane...lol.
A different death scene of Left vs Right would have been a bit more interesting than just what happened, but nobody's perfect, and it worked.
Liked the music selection, too.
Over all, I liked it.

Loved the atmosphere of the game!But i won the Fuckin' Merica,The Human Puching Bag,Sage Into Necrophilia and the Weakest Link medals,but i pressed alt f5 and it didn't work!Please fix this!By now,i 'm giving it a 4/5

I enjoy playing through the game again and again just to see what would happen. Great job.