Reviews for "The Sagittarian 2"

Interesting dynamic story

I enjoyed the story. You went a bit overboard on the profanity, but I can't say it doesn't fit the situation. You gave it the appropriate rating for that anyway.
The story is good and I like all of the options to choose from. I kinda got the character personalities figured out after a few endings. Also medals just for enjoying the dynamic storyline - great little bonus.
The drawings are good and comic-like.
The only problem I encountered was that when you finish the game (either by victory or failure) you sometimes get the "go back" options in the regular option spot instead of the menu style. This might be intentional, but it seems kinda off to me. Of course it's hardly anything to drop the rating for.
Great story game.

Nice but come on...

Best song was from intro and first sarg and u cant play with it, kinda break the mood, just for that i dont give a ten but still great game!

i love zombies!

if u guys like zombies go watch the anime: highschool of the dead!
Its so cool but they stop with season 1 on episode 12 -.- i want season 2 of that
this game just like old 1 great stories :)

Grix's opinion


I didnĀ“t think it was possible at all, but you made this one even better than the first. That granted this series a reserved place at my favorite games of the whole site, sir.

Well, let's get to the review.
The art is, once again, fanfuckingtastic. By any means. And you manage to increase the number of sucessful endings, still adding some well-used humor.

The music here is pretty good, overall.

The only decent reason i find to not give this a 10 is that, even with the wide number of different branches we have, some of the decisions are still pointless, since they lead you to the same result.

I have to say again, i loved both sagittarians.

Am i too greedy for being already waiting for a third one? x_x

Anyway, i apologize for any huge grammar mistake i've commited in this review, english isn't my first language.

Nice quality

As a fan of the zombie genre, this was fairly entertaining to play. What I did not like about it was how it did not really have any action and was more like a sim dating game. I guess it's okay to make something different, but definitley not something I am used to. The game still works because it manages to have some really good detail. I think you can get into these character's heads easily given the conversations they have. It seems like you could just click over and over to get ahead.

Still, really anything done with zombies with fine artwork works for me. I liked the music being played and felt that it gave off a more realistic feeling. It seemed like you were being fairly creative with the different kinds of zombies you talked about. If I play this long enough, I know I will get those secret medals. When they're all secret, I'm bound to at least accidentally get one.