Reviews for "Notebook Wars 2"

Thank you !

First of all, thank you for making a sequel to this awesome game !

What I always loved about it was the art - when I saw the first part I thought whoever made this was a genius and when I saw Notebook Wars 2 today in Under Judgment I gave my rating even before playing the game because I knew it would be great and it indeed was (is) - it still hasn't passed judgement and I already have all the medals except the ones for killing 2.5k and 5k enemies but soon ! Yeah I really love this game. :D

Some things I noticed that might be helpful for next version of the game if you're planning to release such:
- I don't know if it is just me but the enemies in this part seem to die faster than in the first one, the frag grenades put me into easymode not to mention the minigun that was a total overkill :)
- I'm not sure if all weapons are effective - I just got the second one, maxed it, then frag grenades, upgraded a bit, then minigun and enemies died on sight
- .. and some minor bug/glitch - when you upgrade your plane for more slots the price displayed for next upgrade remains the same (ex. when you upgrade the last plane for $33333 it still says the next upgrade requires $33333, although it actually requires $66667) and to fix it you have to equip some other plane and then go back to the one you want to upgrade. I hope you understood what I meant. :D

Oh well, since I already beat this one I'm waiting for the third part. :D
5/5 11/10 (reduced to 10/10 for the glitch :P) and added to favorites. :)

matakukos responds:

Hi vampire, Im really happy that you liked my game =)
I always work hard to make the best games possible, so people like you enjoy it =)
Thank you!

Simply astonishing

Your improvement alone is spectacular. The animation is so smooth and the controls are great. The music is exciting and bold, perfect for a dog fight. AI's are challenging. It keeps that imaginative feeling of a youth which really brings it out.


when i was a kid we drew a ship on our notebook's plastic covering and ran a piece of paper with a drawn stage through it so it would look like a video game. Now you have a real computer game that looks like that. Cool! 5/5 10/10

Fun airplane shooter

It's a pretty good game. I like the RPG Maker VX music.

Beast of a Game

Awesome visuals. The hand drawn style is great. I even like the challenge of going back and getting the stars for the levels. The music is good too. Best free shooter of this type I've played in a long time.