Reviews for "Notebook Wars 2"

Good way to pass time

The theme makes the game really fun to play in the sense that you feel like you're back at school drawing stuff in class to pass the time. The only difference is it's a lot more fun and you can pass a lot more time playing this game.
The collision detection was right on and didn't disappoint me at all which is something that a lot of shooters I've played didn't get quite right. I was able to dodge through bullets right by my ship and it saved me a lot of frustration being able to avoid like that.
The only problem I can see is that in the shop, the instructions are a bit vague. I didn't know how to equip a weapon until I noticed you had to click on it by the ship first, which I think isn't really necessary. I think the selected ship should be able to equip the selected weapon without the need for that extra step.
It's nothing big enough to bring the game down, though. This is a great game that I can see a lot of people playing in school. Just seems like one of those games you'd play in school, y'know?